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Our work and impact

The Big Sings

These events take place at Easter, in the summer, and at Christmas time, and are open to participants from all of our groups. They're a great opportunity for everyone to come together, and share in each others company, and in the enjoyment of singing and music. We aim to have some sort of intergenerational aspect at every Big Sing, whether that be a performance from a local student band, a game of Easter bingo with a nearby primary school class, or a multimedia video recorded by a school choir - there will always be something! We also make sure that there are musical activities for both generations to join together in - a competitive Lambeth Walk, an Easter Egg hunt, or musical bingo! Not surprisingly, every year, they are one of our most popular and enjoyable events:

"It was such an incredible experience for the children, and they were raving on the way home about how much they had enjoyed it."

Scarcroft Primary School Teacher

Su 3