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Our work and impact

Residential Care Homes

These groups are slightly different from our community groups, as they cater only for those who live in the homes. However, we do welcome relatives of the residents, as often this can be a lively activity for people to participate in, with their loved ones.

You are completely different, you try so many different things and activities with the
residents. The way you use the intergenerational stuff, the children, we love it all! I
sometimes think when there’s been a big event with Musical Connection, it’s almost like we
reverse their diseases for a little while. It’s NOT just singing weekly, it’s games, it’s activities,
it’s enjoyment, it’s the whole package’ (Ebor Court Activities Co-Ordinator)

We regularly put photos on Facebook, so please “like” our page if you know someone living in a City of York care home, so that we can keep you updated of the activities we are doing.