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MC Online

Welcome to MC ONLINE

We've had a crazy old year here at MCHQ! But we want to share with you the sheer amount we've actually managed to achieve! The video below outlines everything we got up to online - even with a global pandemic going on! 

On this page you'll find our weekly Singstream sessions, some amusing moments from interviews with our members on Minster FM and York TV, our musicians' weekly recordings and Emma's wonderful part learning videos

Have fun on catching up on all of the content we have created over lockdown, there are definitely some treats in there! It doesn't matter whether you consider yourself a singer or have never sung a note in your life, these sessions are the perfect feel-good remedy! If you've enjoyed watching & listening, why not join one of our weekly groups?! They are now taking place outdoors while restrictions allow, meaning we can do all of this in real time!