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Our work and impact

The Beneficial Impact of Our Work

We recently collected feedback questionnaires from 128 beneficiaries over the course of two tracking phases in October 2022 and March 2023. Findings are as follows: 

  • 98% said going to their MC session improved their mood on the day (89% said greatly)
  • 99% said going to their group helped them to feel happier and more positive about life (78% said greatly)
  • 96% said that taking part improved their confidence (65% said greatly)
  • 91% said their physical wellbeing had improved
  • 97% said they felt greater satisfaction with their lives
  • 98% said they considered themselves to be a valued member of the MC family (70% said greatly)
  • 95% said going to their group improved their alertness and activity levels
  • 95% said it gave them a sense of purpose
  • 95% said it enabled them to make increased contact with other people
  • 92% said they had made new friends through their group
  • 96% said their overall wellbeing was improved

 In terms of the New Economic Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing, the two most highly rated were: 

  • Enjoyable activity: 97%
  • Connecting with others: 98% 

The other three Ways to Wellbeing scored as follows:

  • Learning: 79% 
  • Opportunity to give: 68% 
  • Opportunity to focus on the moment: 68%

Click here to read a large evaluation report completed in December 2017, with the support of funding from Arts Council England.  This link will open in a new window. 

Click here to read a large evaluation report completed in November 2016, with the support of the Big Lottery's Reaching Communities Fund.  This link will open in a new window.