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MC Online


On Thursday 6th August we debuted our first ever Virtual Concert! Due to this crazy year we haven't been able to do our usual Summer Big Sing Fundraiser, so sit back, relax, & enjoy the concert!

Our groups may be suspended for the foreseeable future, but we're still doing our best to keep in contact with you throughout this period of social isolation. On this page you'll find our weekly Singstream sessions, some amusing moments from interviews with our members on Minster FM and York TV, our musician's fabulous weekly recordings and Emma's wonderful part learning videos

If you are interested in our 'live' Singstream sessions, you can join Abby on our Facebook page at 11am on a Wednesday morning. We can promise LOTS of laughter, new songs, harmonies and even a little bit of social dis-dancing! 

We have also recently started 'meeting' for fortnightly Zoom sing-alongs at 1pm on a Friday afternoon. If you are part of one of our groups and would like to join in with the fun, please get in touch with us and then we can send you the link! 

During this time we've realised how fortunate we are to have so many of our members online! However, a large proportion of our members still have no access to the internet. Due to this, we put together this DVD to send out to all of our beneficiaries that cannot see what we've been up to so far...